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What Is a Transaction Coordinator?

A Transaction Coordinator is a person who takes responsibility for managing the deadlines and tasks of a real estate contract to closing. Some of the duties include:

1. Responsible for processing of all contracts through closing.

2. Coordinating appointments for inspections, appraisals, and closing.

3. Effectively communicates with clients, customers, other agents, lenders, title agents and other service providers throughout the process.

4. Responsible for proper documentation of the file to comply with brokerage policies.

5. Assures that all post-closing disbursements, filing, and procedures take place.

6. Frees the agent client up to focus on business building activities.

In many offices across the country, there are transaction coordinators on staff who are shared among the office. While this approach seems practical or beneficial on the surface because the coordinator is in house and can be accessed by stopping by her/his desk. It's not always the best or most effective approach when explored further. There are many reasons for that, a few are outlined here:

a. The transaction coordinator is paid by the office and has a job, which is not always exclusively coordinating transactions. Meaning, they could get pulled away from their job to help the other departments such as receptionist, listing coordinating or what have you. This means they aren't working on your transactions.

b. Interruptions! The facts are clear, it can take more than 20 minutes to get back on task after an interruption. That said, imagine how inefficient it can be if agents are walking in and out of the transactioncoordinators office all day long.

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